Dear Palm Desert City Resident:

As a member of the Palm Desert City Council, my commitment to our residents will be to work aggressively on sustaining and improving Quality of Life issues. What are Quality of Life issues that determine a positive living environment? I’ll address a few now along with my background that will be expanded upon before election day November 8th. 

As a licensed Real Estate Broker, I understand land use and will ensure the new commercial development projects are compatible with new and existing residential neighborhoods. I will vigorously support existing and new projects that will bring visitors to Palm Desert year-round. We must have a vision of this city being a “12 months” visitor’s paradise. Tourism dollars during the summer months is largely an untapped income source.

*Volunteering with Students

As an educator, we must collaborate with various education entities to ensure a quality education exists for all students including college and technical training. An educated work force is critical to attract new industries. In addition, we must diversify and grow our economy beyond our heavy reliance on tourism and service providers. Currently too many young people desiring a four-year college degree must leave the area for an advanced education and never return because the jobs aren’t locally available. We have a “golden opportunity” to address that deficiency by “fast tracking “development of the 150 acres set aside for housing, retail, and a full-fledged four-year university (Cal State University San Bernardino).

As a sports enthusiast, I understand the value of our youth engaging in recreational activities which means adequate facilities properly maintained and staffed. Also staffing need not be exclusively paid personnel which is why Brian and I have been volunteer coaches and helping at the YMCA.

As an events coordinator for a nonprofit (Sacred Heart Church and School) multi-million dollar fund raising efforts, I’ve learned by experience how to scrupulously maximize and prioritize utilization of every dollar. I’ll bring the same fiscal discipline to managing our city’s expenditure.

As a community volunteer through Sacred Heart Church and School and other organizations, it has given me the opportunity to meet and work together with people of all ages and all walks of life. From disturbing food & supplies to those in need to helping raise money for educational purposes, our vast network of volunteers in Palm Desert gets the job done. And I am honored to be a part of it.

As a mother with a family, and also for those without family, it goes with our saying that public safety is of highest priority. Our fire, paramedics and police protection will be second to none.

While I’ve addressed some priority issues more will be outlined prior to the election November 8th. I’m prepared by experience to assume my responsibilities as an effective hard working member of the Palm Desert City Council, and meet your expectations. That’s my commitment to you, and what you have a right to expect.

Meanwhile if you have any questions or comments please contact me.